Monday, 25 January 2016

A Simple Bedtime Story

Sebab teringat moment2 dok masuk pertandingan bercerita dulu…lalu malam ni rasa nk bercerita..cubaan membuat cerita cinta sbb aku sering dirundung malang..aku tend tulis cerita malang…

ready for the story!

Let me tell you a story, about an unsuccessful of a not-so-lucky girl.

She was a girl who didn’t even think of love seriously before.
Not even planning to fall in love
Not even bothering to think about it or take it seriously
All she knew was playing, joking and studying

A moment came, and it really affects her life for years to come
A moment when she met someone that is so significant to her for years
A moment when she then realized what love actually means
A moment when she thought her prince finally comes
A moment when she believes her fairytales will  at last begin

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That was the very first time they talked
Without knowing who he actually is
She has already started falling for him
Just because, of how polite he was when he talked to her on that very first time

Is the only guy that she was really shy talking to,
the only guy to make her nervous till she cannot speak properly
the only guy that made her feel really motivated, just by looking at him
has the eye contact that she tried as hard as she could to avoid
has all the imperfections that seem to be just perfect in her eyes
has the sense of humour that can make her laugh more that she should
Has the accent she likes the most!

She took almost a year for an observation
She likes almost everything about him

A year passed
They were separated geographically somehow
She thought the feeling was temporary but she was wrong
The feeling escalated even more as days passed
She thought that his appearance interests her so much but she was wrong
She met someone better looking, yet she still prefer him
She thought it was his intelligence that attracts her but she was wrong
She mingle around with other intelligent people yet he is still the one dominating her mind

There was one moment
When she was about to give up with her studying
The same moment, she knew that he excelled with flying colours
He is going somewhere far to pursue his studies
She then decided to follow his path
Going somewhere far as well
And she finally did
3 years passed
She tried as hard she could to be placed near him
Yet Allah’s plans are always better than her dreams
They were then located on different continents
Separated by oceans

Without any promises or news
The girl was just patiently, loyally waiting for him
They don’t even call or contact
They don’t even have each other’s phone number
Yet, the girl has never tries to forget him

She decided to focus on her education, improving all her skills
Doing the best to be the best
She knows there is no point in confessing early
She knows illegal relationship are not worth anything

The only things she did was
Wait and wait
She tries as hard as she could to improve herself in all areas
She fixes herself to serve as perfect as she could for him when the right time comes
Yes, She is getting serious about him day by day,

She does realize, that he means so much to her when,
 she started talking to Allah about him
She intensely believes he means so much to her when she started telling Allah about him with tears running down her eyes.
She knows that the best way to prove you really love is by praying for them silently
Because love is actually a verb, that is how she express her love towards him
She shared all her feeling and hopes with Allah
Allah knows all the stories
He is the writer, of course He knows

4 Years passed,
The flowers in her heart grow even more
She has no idea why
Maybe because she keep on planting them
She did that because she realized
By having him in her mind, she feels inspired

Piano really interests her because of him
She even learn how to play Piano because of this
The joy of martial arts attract her because of him
She did join a martial arts club now
She knows that cooking is his expertise
That encourages her to learn cooking

5 Years passed
The girl eventually turned into a woman now
She decided to wait for an appropriate time for the confession
She asked people around her about the appropriate ways
She decides to follow the ideal way, using a middle person
She talked to her friend
Her friend talked to his friend
His friend talked to him.
He then decided to just let her know directly

It was winter
She got the text from him
It was unusual; getting text from him is not something usual
She knew something had happen

She performed her prayer first before actually read his answer
She keep on reminding herself about the verse 216 in chapter Al-Baqarah
Somehow, she had already predicted the answer

It was a no
He already have someone in his life
Since before

Hopes turned into dust
Fairytales turned into nightmares
No one understood how much pain was running through her veins
She tried as best as she could to hide how sad she was but she could not
Have you ever imagine how terrible it was, for a cheerful girl to eventually cry wholeheartedly

Only Allah’s words can wipe her tears at that moment.
She kept on reminding herself about Allah’s promises in Quran

“Perhaps you might like something that is bad for you and you might hate something that is good for you, Allah knows best while you don’t” 2:216

She never and will never hate him
He is not the one to be blamed
He had not promise anything before
He did not intend to hurt her, she knew that
She appreciated how properly he said no
She adored how politely he said no
She is so grateful that he still considers her as a friend

Regardless of what happens,
She will always and is still praying the best for him
Because she knows, when she prayed for him,
The angles will say, “Amen, and May Allah Grant you the same”

6 years passed

She kept herself busy with her work
Yet once she settled everything down
He is back in her mind.
Haunting her again
Her scars bleed again

It is funny when the girl actually met someone better yet she just ignored them
It is absurd to wait for someone that you have no promises with
And it is even more ridiculous to still hope that miracles can happen and fairytales do  come true.
It is a shame for the girl to be haunted by someone who is still alive!
Do you know that the pain of waiting is just as the pain of forgetting?

One day she was reading Al-Quran and found this

"If Allah knows any good in your hearts, He will give you something better than what was taken from you, and He will forgive you…” 8:70

Tears again rolled down her cheeks
She finally realised something
The priority is on the things in her heart
She now realised how much sins she was generating while chasing him
Allah said in here He would forgive her if there is any good in her heart

She tries the best she could
to deflect the love she had towards the path she actually should
She realised that it is more worthwhile loving Allah, Prophet, Families and friends
She tried and keeps on trying

A New Year Arrived!

Though her broken heart still beats,
Though the scars in her heart is still there
Though the fear of never being loved again still exists
She somehow feels better now,

Why dwell on something Allah does not allow you to have, when a lot more had Allah graced to you yet you never be grateful?

She knows time will heal,
The feeling will eventually fade
The flowers in her heart will eventually die
Because in this world, nothing remains…

You know when will things remain forever?
It is once we entered Jannah
The paradise.
Chase for it
That is our true victory!

Ok dah cerita habis...pi tidoq!

semoga hari esok better than today, in shaa Allah

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